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EmpowerED: The Risk of True Experiential Education

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Geoff' and Steve’s passion for education and the environment was truly inspiring. As a UN worker, I've had the opportunity to work with many speakers and educators, but GGI’s unique approach and expertise really stood out. Geoff’s ability to engage and motivate students to take action and make a positive impact on the environment was remarkable. Through his presentations and workshops in collaboration with us, he was able to educate and empower kids to think creatively and take an active role in addressing environmental challenges. 

Imae Mayan Mojado: United Nations Environment Programme (Public Information Assistant)

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Professional Speaking & Workshop Topics (IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL)

We are happy to provide professional development either in-person or virtually tailored to your school, organization, or institution. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can design a customized program to meet your specific needs. Following are my areas of expertise and experience for professionals:

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

Breaking the Chains of Conventional Learning: Grin Green International's Inspiring Story of Experiential Student Empowerment

The success of Grin Green International (GGI) has the potential to  revolutionize education by emphasizing skills-based experiential practice, preparing students for a rapidly evolving world of exponential technological growth and intense competition. Through risk-taking, innovation, sustainability, leadership, collaboration, and a lifelong passion for learning, GGI empowers students to excel and make a tangible impact. This workshop shares GGI's inspiring story, offering a modern template for education that redefines the role of educators and the classroom, while emphasizing the importance of embracing the wisdom of past civilizations to address urgent global issues.

The Art of Adaptation: Thriving in an AI-Dominated Job Market

Gone are the days of following a set formula: go to school, get good grades, graduate, and climb the corporate ladder. The world our students will face is a complex maze, with twists and turns that we can't predict. As we stand at the dawn of the AI revolution, it's crucial to equip students with the skills to become self-directed learners who can thrive in this maze. In this workshop, we'll explore what those vital skills are and how creativity and curiosity can foster the adaptability needed to navigate a complex and unpredictable world.

The Next Frontier of Learning

Despite all the hype surrounding AI technology and applications, the forthcoming era of education will not revolve around a novel content delivery system. Instead, it will stem from your classroom and your students, as your school is brimming with imaginative potential. This keynote presentation / workshop will address the forthcoming trends in education as we transition towards a focus on creativity and innovation.

Beyond the textbook: Paving the way for Project-Based Learning in every classroom

While PBL may seem challenging to implement in the face of time constraints, standards, and a packed curriculum, it's important to ensure that all students have access to this engaging and effective learning approach. Despite the pressures of testing and a focus on basic skills, PBL can be adapted to meet the needs of all students, including English Language Learners and Special Education students. In this keynote or workshop, we explore how to make PBL work for everyone, providing you with practical strategies and a blueprint for success. Click here to learn more about our PBL keynote and workshop options

Strategies for promoting student empowerment in virtual and distance learning contexts

Unforeseen circumstances have led many of us to transition into teaching online and virtually. In this workshop, we will examine methods for enhancing student engagement, promoting collaboration, and fostering student autonomy in distance learning settings. We will guide you through the process of improving virtual class sessions, strategically utilizing choice menus, and inspiring students to participate in creative projects at home, step by step. By the end of the workshop, you will possess a variety of tools and strategies, along with a well-defined plan for the future. Additionally, there are other distance learning options available for you to consider

The Smart Studio

Unfortunately, many students leave school with diminished curiosity levels compared to when they first enrolled. Nevertheless, there are numerous educators who foster a mindset of inquisitiveness, nurturing classrooms filled with imagination and amazement. These teachers empower their pupils to ask questions, discover knowledge, and create solutions based on empathy. In this keynote, we delve into the concept of igniting a lifelong sense of curiosity through inquiry-based learning

Embark on a Design Thinking Adventure

Despite the notion of 'digital natives', the majority of my students possess minimal exposure to technology beyond utilizing it as a consumer gadget. This status quo can be altered. By employing a design thinking framework, educators can cultivate innovative thinking across all subject areas and encourage students to adopt a maker mindset. For more information on keynote and workshop sessions regarding design thinking, please reach out to me!

Classic Ideas, Modern Application

To best equip students for the future, it's essential to empower them in the present. This keynote or workshop will delve into the notion of revitalizing vintage ideas, tools, and techniques by repurposing them in innovative and pertinent ways. Our emphasis will be on perceiving innovation as a pursuit of excellence rather than just the latest trend

Revolutionary Approaches for Novice Teachers: Unique Techniques to Differentiate Your Teaching Style from the Beginning

Many new teachers aspire to facilitate student empowerment and foster a student-centered learning environment. Nonetheless, they may fall back on conventional teaching methods. In this workshop or keynote, we will emphasize the significance of leveraging the 'new teacher card' to encourage innovation. We will explore how to adopt a fresh perspective on teaching methods, evaluation, and classroom climate. The New Teacher Toolkit offers a range of specific tactics and frameworks to aid you in this endeavor

Unlocking Opportunities Abroad: Empowering Teachers to Explore and Expand their Teaching Horizons.

Many talented educators aspire to expand their horizons to different countries, cultures, and educational systems. I can help equip educators to find new opportunities and make a global impact in their field. With years of experience in international education, our speaker will share insights, strategies, and stories to help teachers navigate the challenges and rewards of working abroad. Through practical tips and powerful examples, attendees will learn how to embrace cross-cultural learning, expand their professional network, and leverage their skills in diverse settings. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your career, this keynote speech will ignite your passion for global education and empower you to make a difference in the world.

Unleash: The Transformative Power of Student-Centered Learning

Beyond a menu option, student choice is about empowering students to own their learning - from the process to assessment, strategies, and metacognition. But how can we make this a reality within the constraints of our standards and curriculum maps? Discover additional keynote and workshop options on empowering students by reaching out to me.

Empowering Students: Building Student-Led Groups through Entry Events and Enterprise Projects

This workshop guides teachers in harnessing the power of entry events to elicit strong feelings and questions from students, sparking their passion for addressing real-world issues. Participants will learn how to facilitate student reflection on entry events, encouraging critical analysis and identification of actionable solutions. The workshop also focuses on the establishment and management of student-led enterprises, empowering students to take concrete action in response to the problems they have identified. By the end of the workshop, teachers will be equipped with practical strategies to integrate entry events, reflection, and student-led enterprises into project-based learning, fostering student agency and community engagement.

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Student-Focused Speaking & Workshop Topics (IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL)

We are happy to provide professional development either in-person or virtually tailored to your school, district, or institution. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can design a customized program to meet your specific needs. Following are my areas of expertise and experience catered for STUDENTS:

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

*Experience is the Best Teacher: Why Experiential Education is a Game Changer (Header)

*Experiential education engages students in real-world experiences that deepen their understanding, build their confidence, and hone their problem-solving abilities. Through innovative start-ups, internships, service-learning, and hands-on projects, students learn by doing and see the direct impact of their actions. The lessons we learn through experience are the ones that stay with us the longest, and that's why experiential education is such a valuable tool for personal and professional growth in today’s competitive world.


With proven success starting multiple student-centered organizations that have partnered with notable organizations such as the UN, Reuters, government organizations, universities, as well as cafes, and restaurants. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience in empowering students to build the skills the world needs through collaboration with community leaders before they head off to university.

Unleash: The Transformative Power of Student-Centered Learning

Empowering students to take ownership of their learning is more than just a checkbox on a list of options. It involves giving them the freedom to drive the process, assess their own progress, develop unique strategies, and reflect on their learning. However, it can be challenging to implement this approach while staying within the boundaries of standards and curriculum maps. Reach out to me to explore more keynote and workshop options on how to empower students to achieve their full potential.

The Smart Studio

Regrettably, upon finishing school, a significant number of students exhibit a lower level of curiosity than they did when they began. However, there are several educators who cultivate a mentality of inquiry, cultivating classrooms brimming with creativity and wonder. These teachers inspire their students to pose questions, uncover knowledge, and devise solutions grounded in empathy. This keynote explores the idea of kindling an enduring sense of inquisitiveness through inquiry-based education.

The Art of Adaptation: Thriving in an AI-Dominated Job Market

The traditional path of completing school, achieving good grades, graduating, and pursuing a corporate career is no longer a set formula for success. The future is unpredictable and complex, and it is crucial to equip students with the skills to become self-directed learners who can navigate this ever-changing world. With the dawn of the AI revolution, it's more important than ever to foster creativity and curiosity to cultivate adaptability. This keynote / workshop will explore the essential skills students need to thrive and how creativity and curiosity can help them navigate the unpredictable world.

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